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There is also 11th House mentioned that is believed to show us money that we get through business and career. Since 8th House is believed to show us money that we gain through our partners, I expected to see some repeating pattern of planets in 8th House in all 42 charts, only to find out I was wrong.

I found out this quite fascinating. Are you a student of astrology? Please, do share your thoughts with us! If the 11th Lord goes to the 7th house or 11th lord is conjunct with 7th lord and also strong, it may signify a rich husband or spouse. For example, if an individual is having Aries Ascendant and his or her 11th Lord saturn is exalted in 7th house without any malefic influence can be an indication if rich spouse in Astrology.

But we must keep something in mind that, rich does not mean millionaire always. It simply means that the financial condition of the spouse will be better than the Native. If a strong Sun is also posited in 7th house or in Upapada Lagna UL , it also indicates a rich spouse in astrology. There is chances that the wife or husband will come from a better social background.

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If the 7th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord and placed in a benefic navamsa, indication is that the spouse will belong from a prestigious family and the economic condition of the spouse will be better than the native. A strong Lord of the 7th house assures that the spouse will belong to a rich family. You may be interested to read: How to judge Second Marriage in Astrology. Another indication of rich husband in astrology If the Lord of the 2nd house is exalted. In Vedic astrology, there is one Yoga known as Sreenath Yoga which gives rise of fortune after marriage. Sreenatha Yoga is formed when 7th lord is exalted in the 10th with 9th.

This yoga demands the union of two people — like Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi triggering a fortunate raja yoga post marriage. In earlier Days the girls were most likely to be non-working. But nowadays the no of working girls has increased to a large extent. Moreover New professions are emerging rapidly, so predicting the correct profession, is a difficult task.

From the Horoscope of any native, we can only get an idea about the profession of the prospective spouse but for exact information we have to see the birth chart of that individual. The 10th house from 7th i. If the 4th Lord goes to 7th house or 7th lord is placed in the 4th house or 4th lord and 7th lord is conjunct or exchange sign, there is high chance that your spouse will be very careeristic and independent person. Venus:Spouse Profession in astrology will have venus energy.

If the 4th Lord is Venus and it is strongly posited in the chart like own sign, exalted or vargottam without any malefic influence or Venus is in 10th house from Upapada UL , the husband can be involved in any designing work, creative work, fashion industry, artistic work or in any corporate company etc.

7th House, Husband, Wife, Sexuality – Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Vedic Astrology Course

Jupiter:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Jupiter energy. If the planet is Jupiter the spouse may be involved in Teaching profession, Banking sector or any religious work etc. Mars:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Martian energy. If the Planet is Mars and it is strongly posited in your chart, there is chances that your spouse may be involved in Police, military, surgeon or engineering work. Mercury:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Mercury energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Mercury.

There is chances that your husband may be in trade and commerce, chartered accountant, Lawyer, Teacher etc. Sun:Husband Profession in astrology will have Solar energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Sun. If the Planet is sun and it is strong, your spouse may be a govt official, doctor, actor etc. Saturn:Husband Profession in astrology will have Saturnine energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house fro upapada Lagna is influenced by saturn.

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  • It is always wise to check the natal chart of a potential business or marriage partner, especially if your Pluto is ill-aspected. This placement usually indicates that you have a karmic connection with the person that you will marry. It also gives you an ability to feel other people, as well as take on their moods. The marriage is likely to be a spiritual one, especially if Neptune is well-aspected; and in general in this case your relationships with other people will be based on spiritual values, such as compassion and unconditional love.

    However, if Neptune is ill-aspected, the situation changes. Then Neptune casts a shadow over the seventh house affairs, making you unable to see others for what they are. This may make you get into the wrong partnership and you will fail to see people in their true light in general.

    This will cause many disappointments, like you being cheated by other people. Also, when it comes to legal problems, this planet can create lack of clarity about contracts and other legal matters, like mistakes and misunderstandings with legal papers that will be annoying but not of a life-changing nature. Even if Neptune is well-aspected you might idealize your relationships, but it gets much worse if the planet is afflicted. Then you are likely not to see the other person for who he is at all, but have your own ideal version of the partner, and this eventually ends up in disillusionment.

    If the planet is well-aspected, the native may marry someone very creative or spiritual. He will try to be the savior in the relationship, believing that he can help that person. The native might also end up being totally used by the partner energy or money-wise, but he will prefer to keep his pink glasses on and not to face the truth. When it comes to business partnerships, Neptune will attract irresponsible and unreliable business partners who are not serious about business activities.

    With an ill-aspected Neptune you also may be unreliable in business partnerships and your marriage partner would find it difficult to trust you. With really harsh aspects the native will become so unreliable to the point that he may consciously mislead others; and the same will apply to those interacting with the native — they will be equally as unreliable. Either the native or his or her partners might be psychologically unstable and the native is at risk of being involved in painful legal quarrels and his public image suffering for one reason or another. This usually leads to a divorce.

    Usually the native with Uranus in this house will not think getting into marriage through. The marriage might take place out of impulse under unusual circumstances and with an unusual person. The spouse might be a genius, or he might simply be eccentric or a really strange person. This may cause his public image to suffer. You are likely to want from marriage inspiration and creativity, if you marry at all. Sometimes natives with such a placement choose not to marry, which is quite wise. You will probably have some unusual marital structure, where much freedom is given.

    You might have a few marriages, and you are likely to get in and out of relationships frequently or at least unpredictably. You are likely to be a poor team player. Business partners might be strange and unreliable, the business itself will have no stability, and legal problems might also arise. Also, he should avoid being a public persona as his public image might get destroyed having such an erratic planet in the house of partnerships. This placement gives a sense of responsibility in all partnerships.

    Marriage is likely to be late in life or the native may marry an older or just more mentally mature, serious and career-minded person. This placement gives long marriages and both parties will take the institution of marriage seriously, if Saturn has good aspects. Sometimes the native may decide not to marry at all, or will marry only when he is financially secure.

    Natives with such a placement are responsible and can be trusted in work-related tasks.

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    They will work well with others, usually excelling in law, contract making or business management. What will assure their financial success and stable employment is working well with others. An afflicted Saturn will make the person critical and strict in marriage and other relationships. He will also feel confined, not able to express himself. The other half may be domineering, negative, cold and not able to show any love.

    Life with such a person will seem a struggle. Also, you should definitely think twice about marrying if your Saturn is ill-aspected by malefics, because this would attract an abusive and domineering partner who would make your life unbearable. When it comes to business unions, a well-aspected Saturn will provide stability in such unions; partners will be reliable and the business will experience slow but steady growth, eventually bringing a lot of wealth to the native.

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    Since Jupiter is the planet of luck , being placed in this house it brings fortune in matters to do with partnerships. In other words, you will be lucky in partnerships of all sorts. You will be honest in your dealings with others and will expect the same honesty and fairness from others. Usually the spouse is wealthy or from a noble family. He is likely to be kind-hearted and of a noble character; he could be overweight. The marriage will last, and will be happy. In general, you will look for happiness in partnerships, be it marriage or any other kind of interaction with people.

    It was the hardest thing to do!

    Sometimes, due to the expansive nature of Jupiter in the house of marriage, you might find it difficult to limit yourself to one person only. This is especially true, or more than one marriage is a possibility, if Jupiter is located in Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini.

    There might be some difficulties in accepting some marriage responsibilities and you may sometimes think that you are missing out on something better. Also, you might be irresponsible or too light-hearted about certain marriage or business matters. When it comes to business partnerships, they are going to be prosperous. Areas that will be easier to succeed in are to do with negotiations, sales, law, contract making and other legal occupations.

    This placement gives the native excellent diplomacy and negotiation skills, so any occupation requiring these abilities would be suitable too. Also, work involving long-distance travel, education, religion, spirituality and philosophy is also favorable. The native will be open and caring, and this will bring appreciation and friendships. He will truly want others to be happy and successful.

    However, if Jupiter is ill-aspected, the native will take things for granted and will expect too much from others. Also, the native will choose wrong partners, believing in their exaggerated stories without feeling the need to check facts about them. This would lead to business failure.

    Spouse profession in Astrology-How to know rich husband & future husband career

    The placement of the planet Mars in this house means that a lot of energy will be expended in partnerships. Impulsive nature might be the quality both of the native and of his partners, in business or marriage. If Mars is well-aspected, a lot can be accomplished in business partnerships.

    Understanding the 7th house of Astrology/Horoscope (house of Marriage)

    There could be divorce as well. The lesson with such a placement would be to learn to be more diplomatic when dealing with others.

    Know your Spouse through Birth Chart - Vedic Astrology Blog

    Sometimes the native will only mind himself in partnerships and might be too competitive. In relationships you might be domineering and will probably not tolerate if your partner wants to be in control. Your other half is likely to be energetic, competitive, impulsive and aggressive.