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Venus makes you fall in love but if you are in a couple you simply have to take advantage of this sky and this Moon- Venus trine to strengthen the love relationship. Venus brings beautiful emotions but also a small economic fortune and pleasant events at work. Council of the day : be happy and carefree as always and every small or big obstacle will soon be overcome. Dear readers of Glamor woman born under the sign of water of Cancer.

Venus and Mars in Libra. Today's forecasts and the horoscope demand to have a lot of self control and to avoid unnecessary battles that are now destructive for you. Go ahead with determination in your work because Mercury favors commercial exchanges and proposals. Council of the day : calm and cool in love.

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Perhaps it is a period of choices but today it is better to postpone them. My beautiful friends of the Lion. Moon in opposition and maybe you already know that it would be much better to stay indoors and do nothing. You will notice that today the commitments can be many but few will be concluded according to your thought.

Everything to be postponed.

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Possible invitations but it would be better to postpone them. Expenses and bureaucratic squabbles to fix. Council of the day : success is not an easy task but you know when to go for the conquest. Now better wait. That stellium of planets in Libra continues and with a nervous Moon it is not easy not to think about economic situations. Be careful about money so you will notice today and perhaps even in the coming days.

Mercury sextile from the Scorpion says that there are job and earnings opportunities and however professional gratifications are on the horizon with this horoscope. Superb Moon that traces Venus. Sun and Mars in your sky. Today It could really be a rewarding day for many of you with many satisfactions or even with a big event. Maybe a stroke of luck. Do not be afraid of a possible refusal because under this sky you attract more than one prey. In these hours the horoscope supports sociability.

Council of the day : enchanting evening to live with your partner without thinking about that Mercury that perhaps lets money out of your pockets.

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But what to say to our beloved scorpioncini? The positive phase in the work continues and the commitments can be many. We don't like that Venus behind you along with a Moon in quadrature. The lonely hearts seem slightly discouraged because perhaps they are not sure of themselves but you are Scorpio. Council of the day : try to approach someone who is in tune with your character and not a completely opposite person. Enchanting Moon today that amplifies your desire to be with others.

The week really starts out great with a stellium of planets in Libra and a moon so effective. If you are thinking of inviting someone to go out with you. If feelings and friendships are satisfying today. You are not so happy but Jupiter still protects you. Council of the day : watch out for unnecessary expenses because Jupiter helps but also asks to invest for the future now.

Those many planets in Libra will undoubtedly make you nervous.

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You are not satisfied with what is coming. Venus is not pleasant and amorous emotions are blocked but dialogue can work. Council of the day : it is necessary to recover in a difficult period and therefore maybe try some relaxation exercises that strengthen mind. But what a beautiful day with the Moon in your sky and on your native Sun. We bet that you will get up with a great desire to do. Work and financial problems? Don't worry because Venus brings good news and small events.

October 24th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 1

Exciting encounters if you go out and frequent unusual places but also professional satisfactions if your sector is relevant. A need for intimacy arises on October 20 as sensual Venus sextiles structured Saturn. This is a beautiful day to explore new trends and luxe fabrics as you build out your fall wardrobe.

Love Compatibility

The Sun leaves friendly Libra and enters seductive Scorpio on October 23, encouraging us to pursue our secret selves. Beware of hot tempers on October 27, when fiery Mars squares stoic Saturn. Put your best face forward on October 30, when social Mercury conjuncts material Venus.

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This conjunction helps us to connect, and make good first impressions. Messenger Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, encouraging us to slow our thoughts and speech. Use this transit to reconfigure your frame of mind. This is the first-ever all-digital global march. The first study definitively linking vaping to cancer was published yesterday. Researchers at New York University found a link between e-cigarette nicotine. Tess Holliday is a model, blogger, and makeup artist who created the body positive movement effyourbeautystandards in Her latest project is a body-a.

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